WhatsApp Plus APK | Download v6.30 For Android

Whatsapp Plus APK is a modded version of official WhatsApp apk. It is exactly like WhatsApp but with much more features, performance & tons of customization

Whatsapp plus offers you security feature which enables you to set the password for your chats and option to hide notifications.

It also has the functionality to set longer letters on status, share larger size files of any extension with your friends.

And want to know the best part? You can use WhatsApp plus without losing your existing original WhatsApp data.

Now let’s dive dip into WhatsApp plus complete features.

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Features Of WhatsApp Plus APK :

  • VIdeo calls: You can smoothly video call with your friends
  • Hide Online Status: You can hide online status from WhatsApp while still using WhatsApp.
  • High Privacy: You can now hide your blue tick, double tick & even “Typing” message notification.
  • Hide View Status: Don’t wanna know your crush or enemy that you are stalking their status? You can hide it with WhatsApp plus.
  • Send large files of any type: You can send large files easily without 25mb limit. In Fact you can send any type of file whether its pdf, ppt or docx.
  • Password for chats: Now you can use a password to lock your chats.
  • Custom theme: Whatsapp plus provide you with customization option where you can create, set & share custom themes with your friends.
  • Track who is online: You can track your friends whether they are online or not while still being hidden.
  • Message Scheduler: THis is my favorite feature, you can schedule message here and they will be sent on your set time. Now, I will never miss wishing anyone on Sharp 12 AM 😀


Name Description
App Name Whasapp Plus
Current version 6.30
Last updated 6/11/2017
Total Ratings 4.5 stars from over 1800+ users
Apk Size 37.7MB


Requirements To Install WhatsApp Plus APK on Android Devices :

Here are the detail requirement you need to fulfill in order to install WhatsApp plus apk on your phone.

This requirement is basic but it’s always better to know than to get surprised at installation time.

  • Android OS 2.2+
  • Internet connection
  • Mobile number for verification purpose


Download & Install WhatsApp Plus APK :

You might be wondering there are lots of buggies, nonworking WhatsApp plus mods available from where can I download the latest working WhatsApp plus Apk?

Now by the end of 7 step, we will have downloaded, installed full working WhatsApp plus without losing any of our data.

Let’s begin.

Step 1: 

Download WhatsApp Plus Apk From Below Link.

   Download APK


Step 2:

While the download is in progress it’s time to uninstall the existing Whatsapp.

Don’t worry your complete data will be back up into Whatsapp plus without losing anything.

Let’s back up your WhatsApp.

  • Step A: Open WhatsApp
  • Step B: Go to Settings
  • Step C: Go to Chats
Whatsapp Plus APK
Whatsapp Plus APK #Step2


  • Step D: Click Chat backup.


Whatsapp Plus APK #Backup
Whatsapp Plus APK #3


Step 3:

Afterword click on downloaded WhatsApp plus Apk file. It will pop up “Install” option.Click it to continue.


Whatsapp Plus APK
Whatsapp Plus APK #Install


Whatsapp Plus APK #Installation


Step 4:

CLick open, You will be greeted with two options,

  • “Restore”
  • “Agree & Continue”.

Click Agree & Continue.

Don’t worry you will able to restore your backup after you log in.


Whatsapp Plus APK
Whatsapp Plus APK #Step 4


Step 5:

Follow the instruction on screen to verify your mobile number.

Whatsapp Plus APK
Whatsapp Plus APK Step5


Step 6:

Now you will be presented with the option to “Restore” your WhatsApp data we just saved in Step 2. Click “Restore to continue.

Whatsapp Plus APK
Whatsapp Plus APK Step6


Whatsapp Plus APK
Whatsapp Plus APK Step6a

Step 7:

Let the initialization process get the finish and you will have full Whatsapp plus installed on your android device.

Now that you have installed Whatsapp plus on your device let’s First compare Whatsapp vs Whatsapp Plus.


Whatsapp Plus APK
Whatsapp Plus APK #Install


Whatsapp Plus APK
Whatsapp Plus APK #Welcome


Whatsapp APK vs Whatsapp Plus APK :

After you install Whatsapp plus you will feel exactly like Whatsapp.

But here is the kicker, WHen you click on vertical  “three dots” on the top right side of Whatsapp plus.

It will open context menu which will show tons of options than what you get in Whatsapp.

Here is the screenshot comparison from original Whatsapp vs Whatsapp Plus,


Whatsapp Plus APK #Settinga
Whatsapp Plus  #Settinga
Whatsapp Plus APK
Whatsapp Plus  #Setting

Now that you have installed Whatsapp Plus on your Android device let’s see some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about uses of Whatsapp Plus

How can I Hide my online status, blue ticks or any other privacy concern setting?

It is really a two-step process.

Step 1:

Open Whatsapp & Click on three Vertical dots at top right.

Whatsapp Plus APK
Whatsapp Plus  #Privacy

Step 2:

You will see a very first option named “Privacy”, click on it, the new context menu will appear which will show you all the Privacy options you can hide or unhide.

QWhatsapp Plus APK
Whatsapp Plus  #PrivacyunHide


How can I lock chats? :

This is a cheesy feature, you can protect your dear ones chat and the only way to reopen it is to enter the password you set.

Now you will not feel worried when your friends check out your WhatsApp.

Let’s see how can you do it.

Step 1: Open chat conversation you want to lock.

Step 2: Click on settings.

Step 3: There you will see “Lock Chat” option.Open it.

QWhatsapp Plus APK
Whatsapp Plus  #LockChat

Step 4: CLick “Enable passcode

QWhatsapp Plus APK
Whatsapp Plus  #EnterPasscode

Step 5: Enter passcode of your choice.

QWhatsapp Plus APK
Whatsapp Plus  #ReEnter


Now, whenever you try to open that chat box you will be asked to enter passcode by WhatsApp.

Whatsapp Plus APK
Whatsapp Plus  #EnterPassword


How Can I Make Customize Chat Theme in Whatsapp Plus APK?

Whatsapp Plus offers you a way to make, set & share your customize themes.

A theme you help you can change almost any visual settings on WhatsApp whether it’s chat box, chat header and conversation background.

Now let’s see how one can do it,

Step 1: Click three dots on top right side.

Step 2: Click Plus Settings.

Whatsapp Plus APK
Whatsapp Plus #Plus

Step 3: Scroll down and check “Appearance” tab.

Whatsapp Plus APK
Whatsapp Plus  #Settingab

Step 4: There you will get various options like editing appearance of conversation screen, main chats or popup notifications.

Whatsapp Plus APK
Whatsapp Plus Setting

Step 5: Play with various options presented there to customize WhatsApp of your choice.



Whatsapp plus has lot more functionalities than we cover here so far.

Feel free to play with each setting presented there. Do Not worry nothing will hurt or damage your android device.

Now let us give you latest Whatsapp plus download link. It is most used, highly rated WhatsApp plus Apk you will ever find more android phones.

Download it now.


   Download APK



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