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CamScanner Download – Phone PDF Creator Apk latest version

CamScanner is an app that helps you to scan any document whenever you need even if you lack a scanner. It basically fills in for your scanner during urgent times. Scanning, editing and sending the important documents in PDF format is now possible in the easiest way possible. Here we Have Provided Full Details and Link to Download CamScanner. You can Install and Download Camscanner From Below Given Link

Download APK

Though there are a lot of scanning apps available online but CamScanner stands out due to the image quality and convenience it provides.


There are a number of features that CamScanner app provides you with by proving itself better than other scanning apps

1. Mobile scanner: it enables you to scan any document including your receipts, phone bills, etc. irrespective of the place you are at. It will use your mobile or device camera as scanner and convert it to PDF

2. Upgraded scan quality: the scanned images will be of enhanced quality and complementing features like image crop is also present in the app.

3. The quick word search and text extracting: license users will also be able to enjoy benefits like quick word search within a document or extracting a text in a page for editing or sharing.

4. Sharing PDF files: you can convert the scanned images to PDF format and share whenever required

5. Collaboration: license users can also collab with other users and comment on each other’s shared documents.

6. Advanced editing feature, syncing into various devices and securing important documents are some other important features provided by the app for license users.

7. Print and send documents (via fax) wherever and whenever you want to.


The latest version of this app is 5.3.0 which is available for all the platforms i.e. iOS, Android as well as windows. You can download this app from Google play store for android and from the app store for iOS. CamScanner is available for free on all the platforms.

App and feature Details

App name CamScanner
Latest version Depends on device (5.3.0 for Android)
Updated 6 December 2017 (for Android)
Category Productivity
Size Depends on device (11 MB for Android)
Availability iOS, Android, Windows
Main purpose Scanning and app purchase
In-app products range ₹ 65.00 – ₹ 16,400.00 per feature
Offered by INTSIG Information Co., Ltd
Content rating 3 +
Website http://www.camscanner.net

Minimum requirements to install CamScanner

. The first step is to check whether your device is compatible with the app or not.

. Minimum 1 GB of RAM needed


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How to install

Download APK
1. Add the Gmail account to your device

2. Select Google for specifying your account

3. Sign in to the Gmail account on your device

4. Agree to the service terms and conditions and set up the payment method.


CamScanner Download
CamScanner Download


5. Go to app store and search for the app CamScanner in the search field

CamScanner Download
CamScanner Download


6. Click on CamScanner (License) for taking benefit of all the features of the app

CamScanner Download

7. Click on Accept when app asks for permissions

CamScanner Download

8. Click on Continue to add the payment method and complete the purchase

CamScanner Download
CamScanner Download

9. Select the required payment methods

CamScanner Download

10. Click on Buy


11. Enter the password for your Gmail account and click on continue to complete the purchase

CamScanner Download

12. Choose download and Install to install the app and scan your documents as and when required.


CamScanner Download

CamScanner Download

How to use CamScanner?

1. Open the app and use the camera icon to start scanning

2. Set the bottom slider to single page mode and click on the camera icon to take the image. Select the checkmark symbol to select the picture and cross symbol to reject the image

CamScanner Download

3. Resize your image by selecting the corner of the image of the document taken and again click the checkmark when done. (note: make sure that outlines of blue box coincide with outline of your document

4. Change the picture settings to adjust the quality of image or else select the “original” setting on the top right corner in case you don’t want to make any adjustments and click on the checkmark.




CamScanner Download

5. The scanning of the document is now done. You can scan other pages of your assignment similarly.

6. Tap on the “share” icon to share the scanned document or assignment via e-mail or other apps on your device.


How to do in-app purchases?

1. After installing the CamScanner app go to the list of in-app functions it provides

2. Select the in-app benefit you want to purchase

3. Pay for the required benefit using the payment method you set up before purchasing the app

4. Use the availed benefit for the required purpose.

Major in-app purchases

· Premium Account $4.99

· Remove AD $1.99

· CamScanner Premium $49.99

· 3000 C-Points $4.99

· CamScanner Premium Account 1-month subscription $4.99

· Premium Account 1-year subscription $49.99

· Ten pages fax $8.99

· One-page Fax $0.99

· One time Lucky Draw $0.99

What’s new in the new version of CamScanner?

Download APK

· You can now redeem ID scan mode and recharge feature via earned points

· Better discounts and sales, wheel of fortune with guaranteed prizes.

· You can now upload PDF files from the Web version (www.camscanner.com) to CamScanner

· you can add meeting comments while clicking photos with the help of new PPT scan mode

· watermark protection in ID scan mode


Other details

· CamScanner users scan and manage

· Bill, tax roll, contracts, invoice, business cards etc

· Script, memo, letters, whiteboard

· PPT, book, notes, blackboards, articles

· Certificates and credentials

· Third party storage services like Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, EverNote are supported,



CamScanner is an app which comes handy when you are in urgent need of a scanner and want to send documents. It fills in well as a portable scanner if you want to do business while travelling. It’s portability and better usability makes it a highly rated app on all platforms. It makes daily work easy for a variety of users, right from a business executive to a college student.